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The Need

The Finance Box started as a way to empower kids, teens and adults, everyone. Understanding why money matters and how to manage it is a basic human necessity. Over the course of this Finance Literacy journey, participants will learn the tools they need to achieve their financial goals and thrive in today’s competitive world. What sets us apart is that - Finance is taught by The Finance Box in a very easy-to-understand and practical manner. You can immediately start applying what you learn to your daily life!

Meet our Founders

Minakshi Todi

"I taught my mother how to put money in an ELSS (Equity-linked-savings-scheme) Mutual Fund so that she can save her taxes. She used to always put her money in a fixed deposit. I realised that it's not only youngsters that need basic Financial Education but also adults!!!"

Devina Agrawal

" Finance is perceived to be scary, difficult, numerical and mostly quite boring. At Finance Box, I aim to make financial education fun, easy and super simple. Join our Finance Box Community and learn, discuss and implement various financial well-being strategies in your life! We aim to achieve Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy for all."​


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